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More Writing and Scrapbooking May 24, 2009

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I’m trying to get back into writing, but I’m struggling with everything else going on. I went and saw Star Trek the other day (it was great!), and it made me want to work on my space opera WIP. I told DH that I wouldn’t switch what I was working on, but since that’s the one he really wants to read I might be able to get away with it. Hopefully it’ll spur me into some more progress.

My sister Anna is still trying to win a scrapbooking desk. It’s nice, but I think I prefer this product:

That’s what I would buy for my stuff — it has lots of cubbies to keep things organized, but it closes nicely to keep it out of sight, and even better, to keep little hands out of it. Anyway, look at the cool products and then vote for Anna!


I’m Back and a Scrapbooking Desk May 18, 2009

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I know I’ve been away forever, but I have been working on writing… I have over 50K on the current WIP.  I’m also working on moving, so the word total probably isn’t going to move much for the next month.

On a completely unrelated note, however, I want to help my sister win a scrapbooking desk, because she’s awesome and does all my kids scrapbooks for me.

Here’s a picture of the cool desk she could win.

Isn’t it cool? The site has a lot of awesome scrapbooking desks, and hopefully she can get one and it will help her stay organized. Maybe someday I’ll even manage to get one myself, but I’d rather get her one first, since she does my kids’ scrapbooks. Also, you can vote for her to win here. Aren’t those cute scrapbooking pages? Of my cute kids?


Pregnancy Kills Everything October 8, 2007

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Well, except for that new little kid growing inside you, I guess. But all writing (including blog posts), and cleaning, and taking decent care of your children, and, well, everything else. I know I said I was going to write about more than writing. Hopefully I’ll manage to write about writing, too (hopefully I’ll manage to actually do some writing I can write about). But I don’t think it’s going to happen for another month or two, when I might start to feel semi-human again. Sorry.


basketball and a clean kitchen August 28, 2007

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Since I’ve gotten married I’ve watched a lot more basketball. DH is a fan of college and NBA basketball, and loves to play himself. I don’t always watch with him, but it makes him happy to talk about the game to someone, so sometimes I do. Last night he stayed up late to watch the US beat Mexico in the FIBA Americas tournament. I had things I wanted to do that didn’t involve watching basketball, but I did sit in the room with DH while he watched. I checked my e-mail, blogged, and did some writing. DH got very excited about the game, and was happy he could talk to me about it, though there were many points when he was disappointed. This was a fairly typical conversation:

DH: That was awesome! Did you see that?!

Me: Um, no. Sorry.

DH: You didn’t see that?! It was awesome!

Me: Sorry. I’m not really watching the game.

Still, we spent some time together, and that was nice. It was a good night. The US played well and won, so DH was in a good mood. I got my writing done, because I’m used to doing that with the TV on in the background (though it’s usually Sesame Street or Curious George rather than basketball). And best of all, my kitchen got cleaned. DH felt a little guilty for staying up late, so he used the commercial breaks to do dishes, wipe up the table and sweep the kitchen floor. It was great. I wish basketball was on every night. At least as long as the team DH is cheering for wins.


more than just writing August 27, 2007

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So, I decided to make this more than just a writing blog. I sometimes want some space to talk about my kiddos, and since I post so infrequently on here anyway, I thought I’d just combine the two. Besides, if I blog about the kiddos it will help me remember things so I can maybe update their journals some day. And writing journals is still writing. So it’s all related… at least sort of.  Anyway, stay tuned for new and different things.


productive! August 9, 2007

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I wrote 1584 words yesterday.  I also wrote over 1300 on Tuesday and over 500 on Monday.  I’m very excited, and thinking that I might actually be able to finish this book.  Not that I’m that close to finishing, but having a productive week gives me hope.  And makes me happy — I’m really enjoying writing right now.  Half my house is still in boxes, but I just don’t care.  It’s amazing what a good mood writing a lot puts me in.


a new writing group July 5, 2007

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So far I’m not doing too badly with my new writing project.  Friday I wrote 527 words, Saturday and Monday I didn’t write, but Tuesday I wrote 112 words and yesterday 122.  So far today I haven’t written, but I’m planning to do so before I go to bed.  It’s not great progress, but it’s not bad, either.  1426 words in a week, and that’s with a holiday, moving in, doctor’s appointments and a visit from my parents.  I’m pretty happy.

We also just revived the IWriSloMo LiveJournal group, and I joined.  I’ve been on the mailing list, but I didn’t join the group before.  But now that I’m in to blogging, and I understand the joy of a group blog for so many purposes, I thought I’d try it out.  I don’t like the LJ format that well, but it’s ok.  Hopefully having other people also working on stuff and reporting their progress will help inspire me (or guilt me in to doing the same).