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basketball and a clean kitchen August 28, 2007

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Since I’ve gotten married I’ve watched a lot more basketball. DH is a fan of college and NBA basketball, and loves to play himself. I don’t always watch with him, but it makes him happy to talk about the game to someone, so sometimes I do. Last night he stayed up late to watch the US beat Mexico in the FIBA Americas tournament. I had things I wanted to do that didn’t involve watching basketball, but I did sit in the room with DH while he watched. I checked my e-mail, blogged, and did some writing. DH got very excited about the game, and was happy he could talk to me about it, though there were many points when he was disappointed. This was a fairly typical conversation:

DH: That was awesome! Did you see that?!

Me: Um, no. Sorry.

DH: You didn’t see that?! It was awesome!

Me: Sorry. I’m not really watching the game.

Still, we spent some time together, and that was nice. It was a good night. The US played well and won, so DH was in a good mood. I got my writing done, because I’m used to doing that with the TV on in the background (though it’s usually Sesame Street or Curious George rather than basketball). And best of all, my kitchen got cleaned. DH felt a little guilty for staying up late, so he used the commercial breaks to do dishes, wipe up the table and sweep the kitchen floor. It was great. I wish basketball was on every night. At least as long as the team DH is cheering for wins.


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